"Alejandra is outstanding. I have been seeing her for over 3 years primarily for neck and shoulder pain and related headaches - both as my physical therapist and as my pilates instructor. In addition to helping me with managing through chronic pain, her guidance, support and encouragement has helped me with strength, balance and flexibility which is extremely important as I continue to age. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at her craft - but perhaps more importantly, she is kind, caring, thoughtful and attentive which makes her a pleasure to work with. You never feel like she is on a clock or rushed when she is treating you. I highly recommend her without any reservations." 

-Google June, 2020


"A practitioner at the very top of her profession. She not only treats the problem, but is helping me learn how to avoid repeat injury. A truly impressive knowledge of the science underneath the pain. Also, a very caring person." 

-Google Jan, 2021


"My sanity during this pandemic has been held together by multiple weekly session with the amazing Physical Therapist/Pilates master Alejandra Martinez. If you need a PT consult or want some PT lessons, this is your woman."

-Facebook, Sept, 2020


"Dr. Alejandra is one of those rare people for whom the word
"Godsend" was invented. I am a 78-year-old man with severe
scoliosis, which has generated a host of other ailments (stenosis,
sciatica, etc.), and which makes walking or even standing very
painful. After a number of visits to Dr. Alejandra, in which she
led me through exercises and massaged my cramped muscles,
the pain diminished considerably, and for long stretches of
time actually disappeared. These days, beyond seeing her
in her office, I do all the exercises she taught me. (When I
get lax and forego them, I suffer!). I recommend her without

Google Jan, 2021


"Alejandra is truly fantastic! I first met her when I hurt my back over three years ago. As someone who has suffered from back problems for years previous, it was so important for me to have a physical therapist that I felt comfortable with and could trust. Alejandra quickly took on that role! After very effectively taking care of my back, she suggested some pilates for rehabilitation, and three years later I am still committed to my one-on-one pilates sessions with her, and I absolutely love them! As someone who is not always eager to go to the gym, I have never once not been excited to get to my class with her! Under her instruction, I quickly progressed in my skill levels, became much stronger in my core, and increased my flexibility substantially. Whenever my back plays up, she is always available and there for me. It is an incredible help to have a pilates instructor that is also your physical therapist - not only does Alejandra know my body and its quirks, but she also has helped me to be more aware of my own body and helped me to put in place a regime for my long-term benefit and recovery. Regardless of her skills, she is also extremely friendly and caring, kind, very intuitive, patient, and has a great bedside manner. We have had many laughs along the way. I highly recommend seeing her. I cannot imagine her not being a part of my wellness regime."

-Google Aug, 2020


"I started seeing Alejandra back in 2018 for sciatic pain, and have been recommending her to everyone I know ever since. Through our PT sessions she relieved my pain through therapeutic massage and also introduced me to pilates which completely changed my life. After being in pain for almost a year I was pain free in a few months. I have since gone back to Alejandra for different issues (back/shoulder). She has an incredible understanding of the body and through her additional practices brings a unique expertise and point of view to physical therapy. Her new space is lovely and incredibly clean. I've been going in for in-person visits and her covid protocols make you feel very comfortable in the space. She's the best!!"

-Google Oct, 2020


"I've had many therapy sessions with other physical therapists over the years for the same issue I've been experiencing. Although the others were pleasant and professional, the amount of attention I received was very limited and, thus, so were the results. Alejandra's practice is different. She focuses on one patient at a time and you spend the entire appointment with her. She is a careful observer and a good listener which I believe helped to get to the root of my problem. From my experience, the individual attention she provided made a tremendous difference in the outcome. I am very happy with how I have progressed with this issue that has been ongoing for years. Her breadth of knowledge of human anatomy and how it relates to movement is impressive. I would recommend without hesitation."

-Google Dec, 2020


"Alejandra impressed me with her skills and knowledge. I'm thankful to have found her to work on my issues, especially on my TMD/TMJ issue. I see progress with each session and she was able to set up a plan for me. I have hope now! Even during COVID-19, she is able to provide excellent service to her patients while taking safety precautions seriously which include wearing proper PPE and providing face shields during TMJ therapy."

-ZocDoc Jan 2021